• Urabn Cafe Delhi
  • Summerhouse Cafe- Delhi
  • Auro- Delhi
  • Soho Delhi
  • Flying Saucer- Delhi
  • Lord Of The Drinks
  • Mtv Fly- Delhi
  • Teddy Boy Cafe- CP
  • Otb Terrace- Haus Khas
  • Otb- Hyderabad
  • Lod Forum- Epicuria
  • Band Stand- Aurobindo
  • Machina - Haus Khas
  • Vault Cafe- CP
  • Junkyard Cafe
  • Summer House Cafe- Mumbai
  • Arbour 28- Mumbai
  • Yum Yum Tree- New Friends Colony
  • Open House Cafe-CP
  • Forkyou- Haus Kahas
  • PubliQ- Pune - 3 Outlets
  • Botanica- Pune
  • Levit 8 - Nibm- Pune
  • Levit 8- Aundh Pune
  • Beehive Brewery - Pune
  • Antidot - Greenpark-
  • Lod CP
  • Lazzez Affair -malcha Marg
  • Dighent Cafe- Gurgaon
  • 52 Janpat- CP
  • Boom Box Cafe- Khan Market
  • Boom Box Cafe- Rajori
  • Ikka Bar- Rajori
  • Submarine Bar- Rajori
  • Dikhawa Dhaba- Nibm - Pune
  • Skooter- Club - Samrat Hotel
  • Oh My God- CP
  • Mother India Cafe- CP
  • Desi Roots - Select City
  • Junkyard- Select City
  • Dupley Club- Jaipur
  • Big Boy Toys -herohonda Chowk- Retail Design
  • Danbro Cafe- Paris , Milan. India
  • Boombox Cafe CP
  • Palace Of India - Frankfurt - Germany
  • Rustic House- Lucknow
  • Time Machine - Noida
  • No Objection- Noida


UBERDOGG DESIGN PVT LTD is one of its kind F&B Concept company & architectural guild, that undertake all aspects of the creation of an F&B project from concept to on-ground execution and operations to create a cohesisve F&B venue. UBERDOGG is a dynamic guild of Designers, Architects, Food and Beverage Experts, Entertainment Planners,Artist Managers, F&B Operational and Logistics Managers, Execution and Fit-out Teams, Furniture Fabricators, Media Planners. Marketing and PR teams that under one roof undertakes the A to Z of Hospitality


Core objective of UBERDOGG DESIGN is to envisage potential F&B concepts from its concept form and articulate and expand the idea from a vision to reality and equip it further with operational and strategic processes such that the full circle of business actualization is made possible. UBERDOGG helps the client navigate through the process of brand development and the creative unfolding of translating it into an experiential space, overlayed with elements of F&B and entertainment to creative a on-ground product. UBERDOGG further help in F&B Operational and logistics management along with its partners HCA & COLLABRAINS. LLP to create a FULL circle of design & F&B services of the venue to make into a profit centre and support the product with branding and PR machinery to promote the product.



  • Concept Development & Incubation
  • Research & Content Development
  • Café Concept Design
  • Branding Design
  • Interiors Design & Architecture
  • Furniture Design
  • Space Planning as per Vastu
  • Selection and Assesment of Property
  • Design Detailing & Material Selections
  • GFC Set of for Construction
  • BoQ.Vendor Selection & Tenders
  • Site Management & Coordiantion
  • Turn Key Fitout Contract
  • Marketing & Promotions
  • P.R. & Outreach
  • Events & Entertainment Planning
  • Artist Management

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